We Met at Bacchus - 3


We hope you had a great weekend. Trivia was a blast. Wes and Rob didn't play, but they were there to watch. Today, grab a $3 margarita at Bacchus and read on as their next chapter unfolds.

Wes and Rob have been together for 4 years, in fact, today, Monday (1/25) is their 4th anniversary. They're in Waikiki to celebrate and retrace their steps from 4 years ago. This past Friday, we met with the couple and took some fun and sexy photos in their hotel room. They told us about how they met. It's turning into a tale of 'he said/he said.' We got Wes and Rob's individual sides of the story of what led up to their meeting. Today, we hear about their actual first encounter.

Both Wes and Rob are lounging in their hotel room. Sitting on their bed. Staring at each other. These guys are in love, it's obvious. I ask them to continue with the story.

Wes starts, "Well, there you were, Rob…just walked into Bacchus looking like the gorgeous man that you are. Jamie dumps me and goes right over to you and gives you the aloha treatment- the 'just-a-moment-too-long hug' and a juicy peck on the lips. I'm standing there wondering, 'why did Jamie guy put a Marriott room key in my back pocket?'

"I didn't see you at first," Rob said. "Jamie was all over me and there was this look in his eye that he was scheming. Remember, I was expecting a threeway. I was looking all around the bar for anyone that looked sexy wondering, 'who was I going to be getting naked with tonight.'

"Well I was just staring at you, while I was getting my drink," Wes gushed. "You looked so hot."

"Thanks baby." Rob smiled and leaned over and smooched Wes on the forehead.

Wes: "You two walked from the area near the door to the bartender right next to where I was standing and ordered drinks and Jamie never looked back at me. Not once. I noticed that Jamie's hands were all over you....in the small of your back, just like he had been with me.

"While you two were waiting for your beers, I tapped Jamie on the shoulder and asked him, 'Is this your key?'

"Jamie looked at me as if I had three heads, and shook his head, 'no, man.'

"I looked at him and said, 'Well, I thought you had put it there when you were rubbing my butt.'

Rob: "I had just taken a big gulp of my beer and was swallowing when heard you say that to Jamie and laughed so hard that the beer came out of my nose. Man, I was so embarassed.

Wes said, "That was fucking funny! I was watching Rob, this hottie that everyone is staring at get more attention from the crowd. It was like you had a spotlight on you the entire time. Even when you were shooting beer foam out of your nostrils peoplecouldn't stop looking at you.

Rob added, "The bartender, Keith, saw this happen and threw a bar towel at Jamie and gestured to him that I needed it to help clean the beer off of my face. Luckily, it hadn't sprayed on anyone else. I wiped myself off and tried to regain composure."

Wes continued, "Jamie looked sorta pissed off. I figured it was either because I called him out for rubbing my butt or because I accused him of dropping a hotel room key in my pocket. Either way, Jamie was now standing between us and looked at me, then back to Rob. It was a scene out of a movie. He had this guilty look on his face…

Rob: "I didn't think so. After I got over my embarassment, I immediately thought, 'Hey! This is the guy! The threeway guy! HOT!' So I reached right over and said, 'Hi. I'm Rob.'

Wes: "Your hand was wet. With snot and beer! But I was thinking to myself, 'the hottest guy in the bar just introduced himself shook my hand.' And your voice! Damn! Everyone notices how deep and manly his voice is. All that, your wet hand, your voice, your handsomeness, the bar, the night...it added up to a huge smile on my face…

Rob: "I remember that smile. I thought, 'sexy sexy man!' Wes said, 'Aloha' and shook my hand. He didn't tell me his name! I had to ask him.

"I told you I was caught up in the moment. It was a Hollywood moment, with a romantic teen angst thrown in. Starry-eyed....and I felt my dick start to get hard."

"I could tell…"