We Met at Bacchus - 4

Tuesday and Wednesday were bright days in Honolulu and at Bacchus. Wes and Rob were exploring more of the island and spending much needed downtime in their hotel room (wink). Today and every Thursday, we throwback with $5 tequila. Tonight, we'll feature music and videos from the 1990s. Wes and Rob remember the 90s music that was playing the night they met.


Wes and Rob have been together for 4 years. This past Monday (1/25) was their 4th anniversary. They're in Waikiki to celebrate and retrace their steps from 4 years ago. We met with the couple and took some fun and sexy photos in their hotel room. They told us about how they met. It's quite an intriguing romp. We've already heard parts 1, 2 and 3 of their story. Today, we hear about the kiss that sealed the deal and find out who planted the room 427 pass key, but could be opening the door to another mystery.

"Then…you know, as we're standing there in this romantic moment, the music stops." Wes explained, "it was probably the end of the song, but it was a long, long pause. Everyone in the bar looks over to the DJ, I think his name was DJ Javier (another hunk!) then we hear it…

"I'm too sexy for my shirt. Too sexy for my shirt, so sexy it hurts…"

"It was this surreal moment," Rob noted, "We smiled and chuckled, we looked right at Jamie. I took his drink out of his hand and put it on the bar. Then Wes and I, at the same time, without saying anything, we both grabbed Jamie's tank top and lifted it over his head. It was as if Right Said Fred was giving us cues. The disrobing took about 2 seconds.

"Remember, I'm thinking the whole time that this is my threeway hookup, so everything is going smoothly," Rob remarked.

"And I'm thinking, this hottie and I are connecting, let's go for it," Wes smiled.

"So this silly song is in full throttle now and Jamie starts dancing in place– muscled, hot, shirtless, rhythmically grinding his hips back and forth grabbing both me and Rob around the waist." Wes continued, "He feels that I've got a boner in my shorts and turns to grind his butt into my crotch. Jamie's the meat in our dancing grope and reaches into Rob's waistline and lifts his tshirt off. I thought, 'DAMN!' what a beautiful man!

Rob countered, "I remember this part a little differently. Jamie was grinding you, but from behind, then you, Wes, were the one who took my shirt off, then I reached to take your shirt off, and unbuttoned every button slowly.

"I remember that Jamie was grinding me, but whatever…" Wes argued, "but it's true, you did unbutton my shirt slowly. I could feel that people were staring at us and I didn't care. In fact, it excited me more. As you unbuttoned the last button, Rob's hand was over my crotch. I bent over and kissed him. It was the most sensual, erotic kiss I'd ever experienced.

"The moment was right," Rob agreed, "the booze, the music, the company, the situation… His lips were so soft and his mustache tickled my upper lip. With our lips locked, our tongues explored each other. I was tingling all over. I opened my eyes as I caught my breath and saw Wes with his still closed. That moment could have lasted forever...

"Our lips parted and Jamie was right there. He got between Wes and I, still bouncing and gyrating to the music. He seemed amped up," Rob explained, "Jamie was facing me and said, 'that's not the guy,' and tossed his head back, indicating Wes.

"I looked at Jamie and said, 'He's the guy now!"

Wes: "I didn't hear this part, I was still in the magical afterglow of our first kiss and Jamie's seemingly jealous interruption and behavior AND I was trying to get rid of my obvious tumescence. I grabbed my drink off the bar and took a long chug."

Rob: "What Wes didn't see was Jamie handing me a room key telling me to meet him there in 20 minutes. He said I could bring Wes or not, the more, the merrier. So, I'm amped up. My threeway was going to become a fourway or maybe more…"

Wes: "I think this is where I'm supposed to slut-shame you. But I'll wait until later."

"Jamie kept gyrating, but he started putting his shirt back on and backed away through the crowd leaving Wes and me alone. I glanced over as he started chatting with some people he knew and turned my attention to focus on Wes."

"Wes questioned me, 'You know that guy well?'

"And you said, 'I've known him for a very long time. He's a great guy, super sexy, but not as sexy as you, Wes.'

"Rob used my name, he kept saying 'Wes' in every sentence like he was trying to remember it, or was it one of those salesman techniques like in that Dale Carnegie book How to Win Friends…in either case, he won me over right then and there. I had to restrain myself from saying, 'I love you.'

Wes: "I probed further, 'So you've known Jamie since you both were teenagers?' And I reached into my pocket and pulled out the room key holder with the number 427 written in black pen. "Do you think he planted this room key in my back pocket?"

"Rob smiled and pulled a room key out of his pocket. We had a matching set!"

"Wes asked, 'Is that his room? He's a local right? Why is he staying in a hotel?' And I had to tell him, 'I think that it might be someone else's room, but he might be staying there.'

"Remember, we're shirtless at the bar. Oblivious to all around us. Rob got closer to me, pressed his muscled pecs into my abdomen and looked up into my eyes. With an eyebrow raised, his sexy, deep, manly voice asserted,

"Let's go check it out."