We Met at Bacchus - 5

Throwback Thursday and $5 tequila brought out the crowds. Wes and Rob enjoyed a new cocktail that Pauli concocted made of Vanilla vodka, cucumber, basil simple syrup and something else- maybe soda? Today and every Friday, we're serving up $6 Absolut cocktails. DJ Takai is on the mic tonight and, as always you'll get caught up in his music. Speaking of getting caught…


Wes and Rob have been together for 4 years. This past Monday (1/25) was their 4th anniversary. They're in Waikiki to celebrate and retrace their steps from 4 years ago. We met with the couple and took some fun and sexy photos in their hotel room. They told us about how they met. It's quite an intriguing romp. To read parts 123 and 4, click on those numbers. Today, we hear about their first hookup and what really happened in room 427 and how it involved Hawaii Five-O!

Wes is smiling and twitches his mustache, "If you haven't figured it out, I was caught up in the moment, so when Rob suggests we head over to this mystery hotel room 427, I'm like, 'Okay! Why not!?'

"I never even thought about who might be there or what might happen when we went. It was just this muscly hunk with a manly voice who had just kissed me inviting me along to a place…

Rob shifted in his seat and added, "I thought you were hoping that we were going to make out more and get naked."

"Well………yes. But I was so starstruck, I would have done anything."

Rob continued, "Ahhh, that's my Wesley. So anyway, we lingered at the bar for maybe five more minutes, put our shirts back on and made our way through the crowd to the door. We peeked in that little side room, the one that's not here any more. There were a bunch of people I knew in there. I grabbed his hand," pointing to Wes, " and dragged him in to meet and say goodbye to some of my buddies. I got the knowing glares - people knew we were leaving to hook up. It's a kind of slut shaming that's just silly. We all do it."

"Hand in hand we walked out into the night and down the stairs of Bacchus and across the street to the hotel. We entered on Kuhio and found the elevator bank."

Wes interjected, "Rob had that room key out and ready, like he'd been to this place before. He knew that you needed to use it to get on the elevator. I had no clue. I'm just so happy and excited at this point, holding Rob's hand and squeezing it tightly."

Rob: "There were four other gay guys and one Japanese straight couple with a baby in a stroller waiting at the elevator. Nobody said a word. When the elevator arrived, all six of us gays boarded. I thought, 'these guys are all coming to room 427! It's gonna be a sex party.' So I was checking each one of them out. I'd have to say, I thought they all were cute…

"There was still room for the parents and stroller, so Wes held the door open. They politely refused in a very humble way. So we punched our floor, 4. Then the other guys punched the 9. Damn, no sex party!"

Wes said, "It was a quick and silent ride to the fourth floor and Rob and I were still holding hands. As the 'PING' sounded and the door opened, we cautiously stepped off the elevator together. I eyed the directional sign pointing us to 427 to the left, so we shifted and turned left. As the elevator door closed, we heard a high pitched voice squeal, 'Fuck him hard tonight, sexy!' and a chorus of manly giggles fade away."

"As soon as that elevator door closed, Wes pinned me to the wall in the hallway. The hands that we were holding was raised above my head and he leaned over to passionately kiss me. WIth tongue, deep, sensual, erotic, amazing."

"Well, it had been about 10-15 minutes since our last kiss and I wanted more! You're a great kisser and our mouths are a perfect match," Wes blushed.

"We're having an extended makeout session right there in the hallway of the 4th floor. When Wes started kissing my neck, I had a look up and down the hallway. It was empty. Spotless. Paintings of whales and dolphins covered the walls. And we got back to kissing....and by this time, we were also grinding. It was getting intense, so I pushed him off of me and started toward the room. I pulled him along reluctantly toward the end of the hallway as Wes occasionally paused to shift the wood in his shorts.

Wes smiled, "The things you do to me!"

"I inserted the key card and the green light flashed as the whirr of the lock releasing sounded."

At this point in telling their story, Rob and Wes look at each other sheepishly and lean in and give each other a quick kiss on the lips. Their foreheads touch and their eyes lock. It's a romantic moment. Anyone could tell that they're in love.

Wes gets animated and says, "The room was dark and Rob flicked on the light and we saw that the room was empty. Two queen sized beds filled the room and the bathroom was to our left. He pushes me all the way into the room and onto the first bed.

"I fell over backward and he pounced on top of me. He gave me a kiss and started to undress me. Each time I tried to help him, he pushed my hand away and said, 'I want to do this.' At no point, not when he took of my shirt, or when he slipped off my shoes and socks, or when he expertly peeled off my underwear or the passionate lovemaking that followed did I think, 'Who's room is this?'

Rob interjected, "And I'm thinking, I've got to make this last a long time, I don't want to blow before Jamie and his friend, or two friends, or three friends arrive."

Wes laughed out loud, "I experienced love at first sight and you're thinking about an orgy."

Rob pushed his finger into Wes' left pec, "I fell in love with you that night, Wes."

"That night we did everything two guys can do to each other. Every kiss, lick and well, you know.......it was so amazing. The sheets were all over the floor, pillows everywhere. We couldn't hold out any longer and exploded, then collapsed in a naked embrace. The clock flashed 4:54AM. I must have dozed off..."

"WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP! A strange man's voice bellowed in the room. The bed shook. My eyes shot open and were met with a bright flash of sunlight. The day was streaming in through open curtains. I was instantly aware of my nakedness and pulled apart from Wes and grabbed a sheet to cover my crotch. I glance over, the clock read 12:24PM.


"Looks like you two had quite a night. How'd you get into this room?"