Some men love to spend their free time by drinking until they lose their mind. We really don't recommend going crazy, but there’s no need to wait for any specific occasion or celebration. Head out with a few friends (a party of 3?) and visit us at Bacchus if you’re up for a party!

Did you know about the Bacchus Beer Garden on October 23rd from 3PM-8PM. Drink outside with us as we celebrate the end of Pride week. Always fun!

There are certain things which not many people know about drinking… not even the regular ones. Wanna know three cool facts?

We've collected some anecdotes about the hard liquor and cocktail drinking straight from three of our bartender’s mouths. Here goes:

1. Drinking is good for your health: Yes, that’s true. According to our bartenders, it isn’t overtly good for you but it’s not necessarily bad for you, either. Including drinks in your lifestyle and your social life is an important part of your well being and mental health. Let's elaborate further: abuse of alcohol can be very dangerous and it’s important not to ignore that fact. We’ve all been guilty of this abuse. If everybody eats dessert every day, it’s not going to have a positive effect on your body.

2. Be careful about the sugar intake: You might notice, most cocktails have a high amount of fructose which, when combined with alcohol, can make you feel dizzy and lethargic. As per one of our bartenders, “guys have moved away from excessively sweet cocktails to drinks with a lower level of alcohol content. They think about how it sits with food and how it adds to their lifestyle and that’s how it should be.” So, use less sugary substances in your drinks to avoid any health hazards.

3. It has to be enjoyed and indulged: It’s not important to see what’s inside the drink, but the surrounding atmosphere is also responsible for an awesome drinking experience. One Bacchus bartender boldly stated, “It’s in the product; it’s in the liquor, but it’s also in the ingredients that are going into it. It’s part of the whole story around the drinking. The drink is there to help people have a good time.”


It's 2-4-1 Wooden Nickel Wednesday! DJ Kuya plays tonight at 10PM.

Every Wednesday at Bacchus, all cocktails are two for the price of one. Don't want the second one right away, that's okay; we'll give you a wooden nickel to use another time, any time, any day.