Oh Henry!

It's 2-4-1 cocktails today at Bacchus and we've got an outstanding DJ spinning at 10PM. No cover. Excellent service. Always fun.

We recently featured our bar staff in our blog profiles. Today, we're honing in on a celebrity that tickles our fancy...in fact, one of our bartenders is a doppelganger for this guy...

WANTED: Intense guy, tattooed, average looks, over forty, muscled and superconfident and…



We think he'd be an excellent customer. :-)
Henry Rollins is smart and funny, and quite likable and amusingly sexy in a sweaty dirty boy kind of way,

And — get this — he’s kind, so you can sit and listen to an incredibly long stretch of cliche-studded ranting and it’s kind of like listening to some nicely beer-inspired Life of the Party Raconteur.

If you don't know who he is- take a look here. He hops around media outlets and occasionally gets the attention spotlight and joins in on the conversation.

And his early rocker/party years might have taken a toll on his body, but we can't tell...

Seven years ago, a clever graphic novelist put Henry at the heart of a gay sexual fantasy series.

The comics are definitely worth a look. And, truth is, Henry wasn't offended. He didn't mind. He's got a 'just don't care' demeanor about this stuff that we love. And, like we said, we think he'd be an excellent customer.

And, Henry, if you're reading this- come on by - we'll make sure you have an excellent time.

Bacchus is a casual space; air conditioned and cozy. Our staff is some of the friendliest in the state of Hawaii. If you're curious about Bacchus, today's a great day to come by.