Selfie Indulgent

Tips for today: Starting your Saturday with Tuki's magical bloody mary bar additions & friendly smile is best; he's behind the bar from 6am to 2pm. Attending the Pride pool party at the Surfjack this afternoon? Pay a visit to Andrew (2pm to 9pm) and he'll keep you well-hydrated and happy. Later tonight our barkeeps will be mixing, pulling and pouring some of the best drinks on the island while our favorite DJ TAKAI rocks the house all until 2am. Never a cover. Always fun. Join us.

Your front-facing smartphone camera may be the secret to your happiness.

Researchers from the University of California, Irvine studied college students and found that snapping selfies and sharing images with friends had a positive effect on their psychological and emotional states.

Do you tilt your head at an angle? Doing so highlights your cheekbones and makes your eyes look bigger and gives off a sexy vibe.

Do you try to find the right lighting for your signature pout? Doing so makes you feel hot no matter where you are or what situation you're in.

Do you hold the camera above your head? This angle gives your selfies an artsy feel and gives you the opportunity to show off your sexy body.

The original invention of the selfie stick (telescopic extender for supporting a compact camera) is credited to a Japanese man in 1983*! Go figure.

Don't take yourself((ie) too seriously. If you're having fun taking the photo, the people seeing it will have fun looking at it - more LIKES! You also want to be able to look back at the picture and remember the fun you had.

*Trivia hint for Monday, October 17

Take a selfie at Bacchus today and enjoy the friendliest bar in Waikiki.