Walk This Way!

High heels for men? Sure. Why not?

Some men do wear high heels. And those that don’t may not wear them for a number of reasons: it’s not “manly” - whatever that really means, they don’t look good in them, heels are too painful for them, they can’t walk in them, or they’re afraid of what others will say.

But the high Hallow-days changes the mindset. At least for a moment…

Halloween is right around the corner and your VILLAINS costume may require you to venture into terra incognita and put on some stilettos or pumps. When you stop and think about it, it shouldn't be that difficult for you to step into these shoes. They may add 4-6 inches to your height.

Cowboys have been wearing heels for years and no-one raises an eyebrow... well… about the shoes at least.... :-)

We're talking about high heels for men that are typically worn by women.

In fact, when a man puts on high heels, their calves, thighs and buttocks become more pronounced and, therefore, noticeable.

If you need high heels, where can you find them?

Your best bet in Honolulu will probably be Goodwill, Payless or some other discount shoe store. They just may have your size. Another great source (but probably too late to order for this year's Halloween parties) is Tranny Closet.

Some men walk better in high heels than some women.

Like learning any new skill, mastering the art of walking in high heels takes patience, practice, and a few practical measures. For instance, it's pretty important to make sure that you're wearing the proper size shoe. Seems straightforward enough, right? Well most women wear high heeled shoes that are too small for their feet, but most men, trying high heels for the first time, will buy a more comfortable shoe and, thus, be able to walk in them better.

If you show up to our VILLAINS party in your high stilettos or pumps, BRAVO to you! You're one step closer to that $100 cash prize!

Join us today and tonight for $5 Absolut cocktails.
DJ Takai will rock it all at 10PM.