Pics from the Villains Vault

Bacchus welcomes you to follow up your wild Saturday night enjoying the tasty cocktails and cozy atmosphere of our friendly neighborhood bar. Watch the NFL and MLB games; enjoy some music videos, meet some new friends or hook up with that guy you were eying last night. Speaking of last night…

Tricksters and murderers and torturers showed up in the Villains Vault last night. When all was said and done, it was Kim Jong Un, the American Horror Story Clowns and the Watchmen Comedian that took home the prizes.

It was an outstanding thematic evening with the best music from DJ Kuya and clever contest entries like the bad guys at Villain Con (with their own custom lanyards), the Shame Nun from Game of Thrones, an inflatable seven foot TRex and numerous comic book bad asses. We had so much fun. People are already asking about next year's theme.... We'll keep you in suspense - meanwhile, take a look at some pics from last night (click to enlarge):

Bacchus thanks all who showed up in costume and out of costume! Today we're inviting you to relax and enjoy the afternoon and our make-your-own bloody mary bar. Then while away the evening in Waikiki at the friendliest bar in town. Tomorrow is Halloween, join in on the parade and come back to 408 Lewers after. You'll be glad you did.