Ask Bacchus: Fun With Blondes?

A customer asked about one of our new additions at Bacchus. We asked him:

When's the last time your lips kissed a Bikini Blonde?

Of course, we'd love to hear that story. :-) But today, we're talking about Maui Brewing Company's Bikini Blonde Lager.

We've recently added Bikini Blonde as one of our tap handles. Here are the details:

Bright golden yellow color semi clear haze going on. Very little foam, thin ring around the glass. Loose lacing around the glass.

Lemon zest, light toasted grain/barley, lemon juicy hop, a little breadfruit as well. Not too aromatic.

Lager maltiness, well-rounded malt taste. Very subtle hop character. Lemon-citrus malty all-around taste. More white bread than toast.

Watery body with a slight leathery feeling after taste that lingers on the mouth. Very little carbonation feel. Really clean, crisp and pure.

This is an authentic Hawaiian beer. Kona doesn't compare. The water is so pure and clean that it is really the best part of the beer. Compliment that with the maltiness of a German lager and you have a fantastic lager. Very lucky to have such a fresh tasting beer right here in Waikiki.

And, if the name is familiar to Bacchus customers, you're right, we've offered Bikini Blonde in a can recently. Its popularity and availability and freshness helped us decide to add it as one of our tap handles.

Enjoy a Bikini Blonde at Bacchus today.

Fun project: look through the black and white images of blond men in the gallery below. Choose one of the photos you'd like us to write a fantasy fiction story about. Each picture is numbered. Write your notes in the comments or on our Facebook page.

And enjoy a little throwback scene from Earth Girls Are Easy with Julie Brown singing of the benefits of being B-L-O-N…awww forget it! Click the hunk below

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