Timeout for Freddy M.

TODAY WE CONTINUE OUR HIATUS FROM our Thursday TIMELESS series to bring you our third installment of our new Thursday TIMEOUT series. It's about andsome sporty hunks who've has caught our attention and fueled our fantasies. This week, 33 year old French rugby player, Frédéric Michalak. Many of you have never heard of him or been exposed to the rough and tumble world of rugby - today, you get to see more. :-) You'll fall in love with Freddy, just like we did. Meanwhile, at Bacchus, we've got $5 tequila every Thursday and a fresh new batch or Baker + Butcher sandwiches for $4. Enjoy!

What do you know about rugby? It's a brutal sport. And thus, one must be in near-peak physical condition to play. It's also a sport of intense camaraderie and fierce loyalty. With that said, we'd like to introduce you to a man who grew up before France's eyes in the sport: Frederic Michalak. He grew from young man to strapping hunk and he bounced from team to team and country to country eventually returning to France before he retired from the sport last year.

Today, we'll take you through a series of images showing you how he's aged to perfection.

Here's Freddy M. when he was just beginning to make his name in the sport:

In addition to a hot body, he's was lucky enough to be blessed with a face quite appealing to some, chestnut brown hair and his best feature, deep brown eyes. His looks fuel many young man's fantasies. To be in the scrum....arms wrapped around his legs....sigh....

And to be in the locker room, before and after the game.....le sigh....

And through the years, you can see sexy Freddy is filling out a bit more as his hairline recedes.

And he starts to tattoo his body a little more…

And retains his physicality and raw sensuality on and off the field.

Can we forgive his foray into pornstache-land? Sure!

His athleticism was outstanding. He played for the French national team in three World Cups and for the French league and the South African league. He is married (sigh) and has a daughter (heavier sigh).

Today, he is retired from play, having gone down with a hamstring injury in the 11th minute of his final game last year. This 5'11", 195lb hunk of a man is someone we'd definitely take timeout for.

And since he's not playing anymore, we invite him to fly to Hawaii and visit us at Bacchus.

Sexy Freddy M., your drinks are on the house!

Visit us on a Thursday and we'd only be out $5 as you enjoy tequila shots (like you did in our nsfw fantasies about you and your rugby mates).

It's a brutal game, retiring at 33 makes sense. There's a saying, "If you really want to see stars, play rugby!" We're happy taking time out to ogle Freddy M.