Sporty Spice!

It's October and the sporting life is in full swing.

There's lots to do and see even if you're a marginal sports fan. With college and NFL football games already mid-season and the NHL and NBA in their pre-seasons, AND MLB just beginning playoffs, there's no chance you'll be able to turn on the television and NOT see something sporty. If you're a soccer fan, we'll multiply it all by 10,000 — you get the picture.

Remember: what happens in the locker room...stays in the locker room. Right?

As many of you know, our friends in the Hawaii Gay Flag Football League are competing at Gay Bowl XVI in Washington, DC this weekend. Through the fortune of being 6 time zones away, we were able to wake up to the news that they demolished their first opponent, beating the Motor City Hitmen of Detroit 38-0. Later, they took on the Phoenix Blast and beat them handily 34-12.

Tomorrow, they face the Cincinnati team, the Queen City Pigs. Let's send 'em back to the troughs, men. :-) If you're interested, check out some videos and pics on the HIGFFL Facebook page. Great to see some old friends playing for the Riptide!

Next, let's talk baseball. It's been an epic year for Major League Baseball with the lovable losers, the Chicago Cubs dominating all season and now favored to win the World Series. They've got to actually make it through a Divisional Series and Championship Series to get there, but prognosticators indicate that they'll prevail. We'll see. They'll have to beat strong NL teams in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Washington and then face Texas, Cleveland, Boston or Toronto in the World Series. Whatever winds up happening, the playoffs are always a great event to watch. We'll be broadcasting the games for you on our tvs. And if you want to see a game and it's not on, just tell the bartender; he'll take care of you. ;-)

Football fans have to love our new weekend schedule. We open at 6AM so you can get in any/all of your college and NFL games. Tuki is our earlybird bartender ready to spice up yourmornings with his crazy additions to our bloody mary bar.

Speaking of SPICE!

DJ Takai is adding some chili powder to his mix tomorrow night with our first Latin themed night, CONGA! He's been peppering in a little salsa and says, "By popular demand here is your chance to dance to Latin, Bachata, Reggaeton and off course New and Old School Music, HipHop, House etc....So come and get your Latin fever on!!!" It starts at 10PM tomorrow night!

Before all that, there's TONIGHT! DJ/VJ Matt is going to bring you the new and old hits that'll make you feel like you're at Honolulu's happiest house party.

Every Friday, all day and night, Absolut cocktails are $6. Of course, if you jazz it up with more liquor, it'll be a little more, but try an Absolut Mandarin & cranberry juice....a "Man/Cran"! You'll love it.