Pineapple Pick-Me-Up

Saturday fun is on tap! Enjoy all the goodness of sport and liquor at Bacchus today - we've got football and baseball and music videos and $6 Jack Daniels to make you smile. DJ Takai turns the beat around tonight at 10PM, so C'mon Baby Do That Conga! This is gonna be epic.

In addition to being the subject of a bizarre viral video…

The pineapple is a symbol of hospitality…

It's said that it's a sign of welcome. Close to home, it's the symbol of the Aloha Classic (2017 packages go on sale later today) an annual pick-up flag football tournament hosted by the Hawaii Gay Flag Football League. The travel team (sponsored by Bacchus) is showing their ALOHA to the teams at the National Gay Flag Football League's Gay Bowl XVI in Washington DC. The guys are unstoppable so far having torn through the qualifying rounds with three convincing wins. They're the number one seed for the tournament. Check out their Facebook updates on HIGFFL and the Aloha Classic.

The pineapple is also a symbol of virility…

Throughout history, pineapple was used as a cure for impotence. The tradition continues today. Just google it and you’ll find that the internet is littered with recipes for “libido lifting” pineapple juice cocktails.

At Bacchus, order up a Singapore Sling (gin-based), a Blue Hawaii (with rum & blue curaçao), a Rum Swizzle (more rum), or a Matador (tequila-based).

From a nutritional standpoint, you can start to see some of the elements that add up to pineapple’s aphrodisiac reputation.

The fruit is loaded with vitamin C. (Vitamin C is essential to the production of happy hormones.) It is also a powerful antioxidant, helping us to look and feel young, hot and vibrant.

It is also a very good food source of manganese. And this could be where pineapple gets its reputation for fighting impotence. Manganese is well known as essential for sexual health, particularly for men. In lab studies, manganese deficiencies caused loss of sex drive and a lack of semen. Pineapple additionallyprovides the body with thiamine, a nutrient which helps provide the energy needed for optimal sex drive.

And as for the rumors that pineapple juice can improve the experience (or flavor) of oral sex, there is absolutely no scientific research to substantiate the claim. Now that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. After all, some people pretty experienced in this area, including porn actress Annie Sprinkle, have weighed in. Sprinkle recommends a man consume pineapple or other fruit juice a few hours before a sexual interlude. Seems like pretty sound advice.

Come to Bacchus today and order up a cocktail with pineapple juice. ;-) Stay for the CONGA party tonight with DJ Takai.

No cover. Always fun.