Ask Bacchus: Your First Beer?

A customer recently asked us to recall the first beer we ever tasted....

A Man's First Beer
At some point in our formative years, we are introduced to beer. The ritual goes like this: A father offers a sip to his "little man." There's a pause after the bottle is tipped. Will he like it? The tiny nose crinkles, but then a smile bubbles up. Here is definitive proof that this is indeed the father's boy. Mom is called, and a camera is fetched. This is our initial taste of adulthood. We have been initiated into the brotherhood of beer.

Later, some would chug cans in that cool guy's garage, then crush them against our foreheads. It wasn't beer we were drinking in; it was life. And the behavior spilled over into our twenties where cases became kegs, boys became men, and dreams became diplomas.

Getting older triggers a somewhat protectionist beer period. Our beer becomes no-nonsense. Dependable, traditional, local, like Primo or Bikini Blonde. But every now and then, to switch it up, we reach for an IPA or a Blue Moon.

We all lose our way, and it is no different with beer. Some men cheat; others gamble away their savings. Some drink hard cider. This stage also harbors an equally distressing parallel universe. One day, we look in the mirror and see a layer of fat where abs used to be, so we panic and head back to the bar and start drinking only Lite beer.

One evening, we finish our light beer and say that's enough. Just as some guys reach the tipping point in a job or a relationship, so we eventually do with pseudo-beer. We are soon reborn in our appreciation for beer. Belgium becomes the new Rome. We can taste the finesse in the craft of beer.

There are the memories in albums and yearbooks, and then there are the memories in beer. Beer slows us down and makes us live in these moments. Enjoy these moments with us.

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