Flirt: You Have Nothing to Lose

You know that guy! The one you've been looking at, well, um...staring at! For weeks. He's gonna be at Bacchus today drinking $6 Absolut. He'll be there tonight when DJ/VJ Matt starts playing at 10PM. He'll be there tomorrow for bloody marys. He'll be there on Sunday for the GMCofH Beer Bust. But just how do you approach him?.....

When you’re dealing with a stranger on the street or a random patron in a gay bar like Bacchus, you literally have nothing to lose. If you lose the opportunity, he’ll become just another “Missed Connection” to add to your scrapbook.

You may have plenty of those already; don’t bother making another.

There are plenty of things you can do without putting yourself in a situation that makes you feel awkward.

Write your name and number on a napkin, ask him what the best beer on tap at the bar is or where a certain restaurant is, hold a smile and eye contact a bit too long, sit next to him at the bar, on the bus, or at the coffee shop. Get seen, be noticed. That’s the first step and it requires next to no words spoken. It's all up to you....

Never think he’s out of your league.

As gay guys, we’re constantly judging ourselves to others. The number one reason why most of us are petrified of flirting is because we’re scared of rejection. If you dig deeper, you’ll find the reason why you’re scared of being rejected is because you think you’re deserving of it, i.e. “he’s” on a higher scale and you’ll never meet him there. Nothing can be further from the truth. Assumptions are your own worst enemy. A guy may be eye candy but that doesn’t mean he has the confidence to back it up. If you think he’s attractive, chances are there’s a bunch of other guys who think the same thing, and guess what, they’re also scared to approach him.

Do it today or tonight. You've got NOTHING to lose.

See you soon!