Timeout for Will G.

Today is our sixth installment of our Thursday TIMEOUT series. We're culling some photos of handsome sporty hunks who've caught our attention and fueled our fantasies (like last week's entry - newly crowned World Series Champ, Jake Arrieta). This week, BMX racer, Will Grant. We might only be acquainted with his sport during ESPNs X-Games, but judging from his hotness, we'll be checking our listings for more extreme sports broadcasts. Today at Bacchus enjoy all tequila for $5 and a fresh new batch or Baker + Butcher sandwiches for $4. Delicious!

Yup. It's the same guy. Bearded and hairy, then shaved all over.

This ridiculously hunky man has had a stellar professional BMX career.

Will began his career in BMX racing in 2004, turning expert in just a few months and winning his first National title the very next year. Will currently races in the A Pro Class. Known in the sport as Will "The Thrill" Grant, he is a two-time NBL National Champion and seven-time Florida State Champion. He placed 8th in the UCI World Event and was a silver medal junior men national champion and R.O.C. champion. Will is 5'8" and was born May 21, 1992.

His impressive sculpted body landed him his first job as an underwear model for “Undergear.”

He's been on the scene long enough for us to take you through a chronology of his pics. From just starting out in his career all the way up to today. Take a look at how his body, body hair and tattoo coverage changes. So sexy.

Will's the prime example of sexy getting sexier as he ages. We wish he'd keep the chest hair 100% of the time.

What motivates him? The fear of losing! It pushes him harder than anything. He wants to turn heads, stand out, be extraordinary, and be the best. It all goes back to how competitive he is.

Obsessed yet? He's competing this November in at the Rock Grands BMX event in Grand Rapids, Michigan. And it looks like he has December off. We'd be pleased to welcome him to spend his time at Bacchus so we could treat him a cocktail or two. A few shots of tequila will loosen him up a bit!