No Fowl Play! :-) But plenty of pics....

Margarita Monday (just $3) and Trivia Night (starting at 7PM - see below) dominate the Bacchus news of the day, but!

The Gay Men's Chorus of Honolulu (GMCofH) came to Bacchus and hosted their beer bust. Beautiful baskets decorated the stage and Kyle and Dayv sold the cups. Masseur Joe helped work out some kinks. Magic Mike worked the grill and Butch commanded the mic and announced the raffle prize winners. Barkeep Bryant braved the crowd and pulled and poured and proffered delicious drinks. It was an amazing afternoon followed by a sexy Movember Moustache event...

Below are some pics from the beer bust (click to enlarge pics):

So much fun. Followed by MORE MOVEMBER FUN!

Mac Cosmetics artist Tracy came by to help us raise nearly $100 for our Movember Fundraising efforts. She was able to transform eight brave souls into the movie stars/celebrities that they've always wanted to be. Thanks Tracy! You're amazing. :-)

Tonight is TRIVIA NIGHT! It starts promptly at 7PM. Come on up to Bacchus; the theme for tonight's trivia is TURKEY WEEK. You'll be quizzed and prodded about all things turkey and thanksgiving. It's free! It's always super fun! Six rounds of questions for teams of 2-6 players. Don't have a team, no worries, we'll hook you up. Tonight's guest host is Ty Law!

Don't be a turkey and miss it!