Join us today for 2-4-1 Wednesdays. Two cocktails for the price of one. You know the drill. Bring your friends and your family and get out of the rain and enjoy the cool, friendly space at Bacchus Waikiki. Tonight, DJ/VJ Matt is on at 10 and he's offering up the tunes that'll make you feel all warm inside. Never a cover. Always fun.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and some of you are prepping to sink your teeth into some juicy thigh meat. Others are vying for the succulent chest (breast) meat.

Today, we're showing a little love for the wing meat. :-)

When a hunky guy has developed lats, he's definitely going to turn some heads. They are the major contributor to that sexy, sensual V-shape that many lust after. BTW: Bacchus loves men in all sizes and shapes; we can't help but be distracted by this....

When was the last time you heard someone say, “Yeah, that guy’s in shape, but his lats are too big”? Yep, never. It just doesn’t happen. A big, wide back, so huge it blocks out the sunlight will only ever be an asset to your overall physique.

Broad, well-defined shoulders have always been a sign of strength and masculinity. Plus, men with a higher shoulder to hip ratio have reportedly have more sexual partners. (Hmmm.)

In fact, in a 2013 study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, back broadness accounted for over 79 percent of the perceived attractiveness of a man. Having a wide V-shaped back even trumped a man's height and (ahem) penis size when it came to physical attractiveness.

So, if you're the gym-going type and want to spend a little extra time developing your wing meat, you may reap the benefits. If you're the gym body-admiring type, you know that his lats are probably a major factor in what's turning you on about him.

And get turned on by the HOLIDAY WEEKEND! Thanksgiving has begun. Come to Bacchus for 2-4-1 today and tonight and DJ Matt will soothe your soul. Tomorrow, we've got all the football you can handle and $5 tequila! Spread your wings and fly on over to Bacchus Waikiki. You'll be glad you did.