I'll Have What He's Having

If you're shopping around today, you'll need to take a breather and Bacchus is the best place to do that. $6 Absolut - all flavors and $4 Baker + Butcher sandwiches will keep you satisfied. If you're avoiding the crowds in the malls and shops, you're wise enough to know that an afternoon at Bacchus is what's in store. Spend a few bucks on Movember pins or moustache, and consider spending the evening with us. Booze + Music + Fun = the right combination. Never a cover!

We've all seen him.

The guy who's handsome, put-together and sure of himself. He walks into the bar and smiles and greets the people he knows with a hug and a chuckle. He's gorgeous and draws the attention of most of the crowd. They're all eyeing him up and down and imagining their futures with this hottie.

We don't approach him because of some unwritten rule in our head - he's too perfect and would never consider spending time with us.

We put him on a pedestal and imagine his perfection in every way. We're under his spell. We forget that no matter how perfectly sculpted his jaw appears or how full his hairline looks, he also gets diarrhea sometimes! He gets pimples or picks his nose and eats it when no one is looking. That or he grabs stuff with his toes in private.

What is it about him that has attracted us in the first place? Confidence.
OK. Easy - So, you just have to exude confidence and you'll attract people like he does. But...

Confidence can be tricky.
Don’t be confident if you’re not genuine. Believe in your cause because it aligns with your values. Have faith in your conversation skills because you know what you're talking about. Believe. Don’t try to be confident because it’s an image you think you have to project to someone.

You might not know what your version of confident looks like yet. But be honest with yourself, and don’t think you have to project a fake societal ideal of “confidence” just because you think people will take you more seriously. Be confident in the fact that confidence isn’t everything.

Know what you want in a man.
When you know what you want, you magically find words to say when there’s someone in the room who meets the criteria. It’s a curious thing, but it’s real. Start searching deep inside yourself to discover what it is you truly want in a partner and decide your non negotiables early on. This will ultimately give you comfort when the right man appears because at that point, he won’t feel like a stranger to you but rather a result of your foreseen prophecy. It might sound weird, but it’s kind of true.

Stop The “Rules”
You’re dating men, not puzzles. When we finally get a date with that hottie, many of us gay guys like to test others by asking them certain questions or putting themselves in particular circumstances and taking notes on their responses. They’ll set rules and unrealistic non negotiables which are impossible to meet.

Throw the “must have” lists away. It’s only going to prevent you from seeing the good qualities in him. Not to mention, he will constantly feel like he’s being quizzed which will force him to walk on eggshells. Eventually he’ll get tired of it and you'll be back in the dating pool again.

But that's okay! Come back to Bacchus and start all over!

There are only 5 more days in Movember! Be sure to get your Bacchus MOBROs pin or peel-and-stick 'stache from the bartender before time runs out. All proceeds will go to the Movember Foundation benefitting men's health issues.