Today, it's Cyber Monday. In Honolulu, the sun rose at 6:51 am and will set at 5:48 pm. A total of 10 hours, 57 minutes of sunshine.

Less than twelve hours of daylight seems incorrect for such a sunny place. But, in fact, 4 weeks from now, on the winter solstice, December 21, we'll have 7 fewer minutes of sunlight.

It seems silly to spend the day online when deals will be available throughout the next month. Cyber Monday deals may be for a limited time window or have a limited supply. Last year, the steepest discounts were earned by early morning shoppers. So, after the early morning, what's a guy with the day off supposed to do?

Here's an idea - remember, you're in paradise - don't forget to take advantage of the beauty of our surroundings....

Grab your special someone and head to the beach.

Play, enjoy, frolic.

Then come to Bacchus for a cocktail. Margaritas are $3 today and every Monday.

Start planning for this coming weekend. We've got a Saturday night GEAR party that will kick off our SPICY December just right. So, you've got a few days to order that harness online or shop for that sexy wrestling singlet. And, that all-over tan you're working on will only show off your body a bit better. :-)

Bill opens the bar at 12 noon and will have a fresh batch of Baker + Butcher sandwiches for you to savor. See you soon.