Ask Bacchus: Who Are You Callin' Fat?

We've entered the holiday season and our belts have tightened – we're overindulging… And when you're in paradise, that seems to be the mantra…, but…

Yesterday, someone heard a customer order our newest beer on tap, Fat Tire, and thought he was insulting the bartender.... LOL.

We'd be able to handle the dig if it happened. Our bar staff is fit, sexy and proud of who they are. Fat Tire is featured as our newest tap handle; it's a Belgian brew.

What makes Belgian beers unique?

Belgian beers use a far broader palette of ingredients. They mix in fruit, spices and esoteric yeast strains. This is something that the German and English style beers do not do.

If you're the guy that enjoys "hints of fresh fennel and green apple," a Belgian might be the refreshing combination of flavors that you desire.

Here's what the experts are saying about Fat Tire:

  • Visual: Clear, amber and bright with white lacing
  • Aroma: Sweet biscuity and caramel malts, subtle notes of fresh fennel and green apple
  • Flavor: Toasty malt, gentle sweetness, flash of fresh hop bitterness.
    The malt and hops are perfectly balanced.
  • Mouthfeel: Carbonation and light sweetness finish clean on your palate.
  • Body: Medium

There's less than 200 calories in a pint of Fat Tire at Bacchus. So drink a few and keep your belt tightened.

Come on by for a $2 tap beer today/tonight.

Don't forget our upcoming GEAR PARTY. Saturday night at 9PM. Come dressed in gear and you will be entered into our drawing with a chance of winning a $100 gift card from Mr. S Leather. What gear will we accept? Here's a few thoughts: