Good Cheer!

Kick off your weekend is with a visit to Bacchus on a Friday afternoon. $6 Absolut cocktails and $4 Baker + Butcher sandwiches are the recipe for a fantastic Friday. DJ Matt serves up his special brand of videos and music tonight at 10PM. Never a cover and always fun. Join us.

Imagine: You’re about to go on a date…

What’s your one characteristic you're planning on flaunting? The one you hope will lead to the next date and the ones after that? Is it your intelligence? Health? Wealth?

Turns out for men, it’s being funny.

Think about it. The hot, ripped shirtless stud you've arranged a meeting with is nice to ogle and just might be good for a brief moment, but if he can't hold a conversation, he's probably a dud.

It's the guy who can hold his own and make you smile and laugh who's the one people notice more. And, if you make him laugh, chances are you'll get him to want to spend more time with you.

In addition to its come-hither qualities, humor has many other romantically-linked benefits, like signaling a sociable and agreeable personality.

Bottom line, men may want to re-evaluate their flirting strategy and hone their humor instead of their pick-up lines. If you end up laughing together, that could be the start of a beautiful future together.

Join us at Bacchus and laugh with us. Make new friends and meet up with your long time companions. You'll be glad you did.