Timeout for Stan M.

In our continuing Timeout series, we've covered athletes from many sports: football, swimming, rugby, baseball, hockey, soccer, surfing, basketball and BMX biking. Today, we're looking at professional body building - in particular, sexy 43 year old Japanese-American:

Stan McQuay

Stan was born in Yokosuka, Japan in 1973 to a Japanese mother and Irish father. His family moved to the US soon after he was born, living first in Illinois before settling in Van Nuys, California.

Growing up in the San Fernando Valley, Stan spent most of his free time surfing and skateboarding. Stan became steadily employed and enrolled in community college. At a maximum height of 5’ 7” and weighing 135 lbs, Stan began weight-training in order to gain the muscle-mass necessary for college football.

I guess you could say it became a passion/obsession. With intense muscle mass and a lean 5'7" physique, Stan has been competing in (and occasionally winning) body building championships. A claim to fame is his 7th place finish at the 2006 Mr. Olympia - pretty remarkable for a "small" man.

Check out this vid where he is training for another shot at Mr. Europa and Mr. Olympia and showing off some of his personal life. :-)

And check out shots of this hunky body builder through the years....

He claims to never have fallen victim to the Dark Side of Bodybuilding/Gay for Pay schemes shown in this video:

By the way, "gay for pay" is our trivia hint for Monday, December 5th. And despite Stan's claims to the contrary, there was one erotic video (since scrubbed from the internet) where Stan is said to be rubbing the body of another man, similar to the actions in this video:

A few months ago, his 1st place win in Men’s classic Physique at IFBB Salt Lake City Showdown punched his ticket to his 4th Mr. Olympia. And this time, he competed in the "Classic Physique" category. He finished in 10th place. Congratulations Stan!

His motto: Live what you preach. He's an athlete, not just a bodybuilder. His training is very versatile and he still uses various training techniques, from resistance training and martial arts to calisthenics.

He recommends to those interested in body building that you approach developing your physique not just by training, but you need to take care of your body with repair such as deep tissue massage, chiropractic care and stretching. All are just as important, especially as you get older, and it goes without saying…. eat healthy! Eating properly has to become a lifestyle, not just for contest prep! You are what you eat!

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