Get away from the election madness and COME TO BACCHUS TODAY for a delicious $3 margarita and stay for TRIVIA NIGHT at 7PM. It'll be an amazing mix of questions about presidents past and current events and a few wild cards thrown in for fun! No cover!

Which way are you swinging this week?

There's NO WAY we're gonna wade in the waters of politics! We have our own beliefs and respect yours!

We weren't talking about throuples and open relationships.

Although we probably will post about them soon!

We're talking about Oahu beaches with rope SWINGS! :-)

Venture to Windward Oahu and check out Waimanalo Beach Park. Stroll along the beach (north) and you'll discover some rope swings over the sand. Fun to play and frolic, but the swing won't dump you into the ocean.

Or try Kahana Bay Beach Park and the Nakoa Trail Hike with dipping pools and a rope swing. Always be mindful of your safety when venturing into the woods and dipping pools! And, look out for weekday skinny dippers....some sexy hunk might be wearing only his birthday suit.

The more adventurous may want to hike the ridge on the Manana Trail. There you are LITERALLY hiking along the ridges of the mountains. The ridges were about 2 feet wide at some parts with steep drops on both sides. If you have a fear of heights, this will be terrifying. The payoff? The waterfall at the end with at rope swing.

If you do decide to swing, again, be sure to be safe. Some hikes are long and require advanced skills, so bring lots of water, sun screen and bug repellent. Then come back to Bacchus and tell us about your adventure!

And come to Trivia tonight at 7pm. Here's a teaser...some people find moustaches very sexy (and it's MOVEMBER, please donate!)....can you identify the owners of these?

Top Row (left to right): Sam Elliot, Salvador Dali, Gene Shalit, Billy Dee Williams.
Bottom Row (left to right): Walter Cronkite, Nick Offerman, Richard Pryor, Tom Selleck.