Seeking Distraction?

Wednesdays at Bacchus means you get two cocktails for the price of one. Simple. Easy. Inexpensive. If you don't want to walk around with two cocktails at the same time, then we'll give you a wooden nickel. Use that wooden nickel for the second cocktail any day, any time. Drink with us today.

You might feel a little beat up today. Exhausted. Bruised and confused.

Here are some websites that will keep you away from the news today (click the links, you'll enjoy 'em, we promise):

Put Today in Perspective

Or any porn site. You choose your preference. :-)

Then come to Bacchus for a cocktail or two.

Like we said, it's 2 for 1 Wednesday. Bill opens the bar today (12 - 5pm) and will start your day off right with his outstanding cocktails and playlists. Smiling Luke mans the bar for mid-shift (5 - 9pm). Then, Bryant, Brett, Chris and Andrew have you covered tonight (9pm - closing). Waikiki's hottest mix meister DJ Takai rocks the rafters starting at 10pm. There's no cover.

So come on in and meet your buddies, make some new friends and share a cocktail or two, or three, or four.... :-)