Ask Bacchus: Snaps for Schnapps?

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A customer wrote in and asked:

I need help to get into the holiday mood. What are some good peppermint drinks you'd recommend?

Well, it can be tough to feel the spirit of Christmas when you're surrounded by the sun and the sea and sexy surfers. But we've got a suggested remedy. See below...

Peppermint Schnapps is a liqueur which has a taste somewhat similar to that of a candy cane. It's made from a combination of pure grain alcohol and peppermint leaves. Enjoy a shot of schnapps before a meal as an apéritif, to stimulate the appetite, or after a meal as a digestive, to aide in digestion. If a shot is too shocking for you, try a cocktail; suggestions below.

And, if candy canes don't put you in the mood... maybe these pics will.

There are many cocktails, both hot and cold, as well as shots, that can be made using peppermint schnapps. Some of the most well-known cocktails include:

  • The Peppermint Patty: a wonderful combination of chocolate and peppermint, just like the little candies.
  • Midori Peppermint Kiss: a minty and fruity cocktail with a hint of melon.
  • Adult Hot Chocolate: a spiked version to warm you inside all the way down to your toes.
  • Alpine Sprite: as refreshingly simple as it sounds - just a shot of schnapps and sprite
  • Candy Cane Cola: is it me or are these recipes getting ridiculously simple?
  • Hard Icy Nipple: trivia hint - this one includes schnapps, chocolate milk and Jägermeister

And, just because a search for candy canes and sexy men isn't complete without a trip into the depths of silliness…

…perhaps a Christmas Tuggie is all you need to put you in the right mood for the holidays. :-)

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