Red, White & Bubbles

It's 2-4-1 Wednesday. Buy a cocktail and get the second one- no charge. Don't want the second one right away? We'll give you a wooden nickel to use for that cocktail any other time; today, tomorrow, whenever. It's an amazing deal don't you think so? DJ Kuya shows us his naughty side tonight as he rocks the rafters. Spice up your Wednesday and enjoy Bacchus Waikiki!

A manly man is a confident man. It doesn’t occur to a manly man to worry about whether his drink reflects on his manhood. He could drink a Shirley Temple at a children’s birthday party and still be utterly and completely masculine.

In fact, a man’s willingness to drink wine -whether it's red, white or bubbly, shows that he’s confident and manly. Conversely, being fussy enough to refuse white wine makes him seem the very opposite of manly. Are you following my logic here?

Secondly, a man who foregoes the pleasure of drinking wine and champagne out of anxiety about his manhood gives the impression that he’s, um, not that interested in pleasure. Or in exploring that which may be unfamiliar but pleasurable. So, in other words, he's most likely a dud in bed.

Is your main goal to display to other men how utterly masculine you are? Remember, confidence is what's appealing, not masculinity. And, if your main goal is to display to men how utterly sexy you are, drink a white wine. We've got three on the menu at Bacchus: Cyprus Chardonnay for $5.50/glass and $22/bottle; Ruffino Pinot Grigio for $8.50/glass and $34/bottle; and, Monkey Bay Sauvignon Blanc for $7/glass and $28/bottle.

Is it your goal to be completely alluring? Say this to your companion when you taste our red Cyprus Merlot for $5.50/glass and $22/bottle: “Hmmm, this is very buttery and creamy in the mouth. Delicious. And the finish is excellent. Long and strong, with plenty of staying power."

Is it your goal to be a playboy, bon vivant and man of mystery like James Bond? Forego the Vesper Martini and go for bubbles. The Champagne on the Bacchus menu is a J. Roget Split $5.00/mini bottle or a Chandon Brut $35/bottle.

Drink reds, whites and bubbles and be proud.