Timeout for Chris S.

This is another installment in our Thursday Timeout series where we take a closer look at sexy athletes from a variety of sports....and invite them to Bacchus for a free shot of tequila (only $5 for everyone else on Thursdays). Today, in an effort to cover a variety of sports, we turn our attention to the pinnacle of rock climbing.

Chris Sharma, 35 years old.

You can tell right away, he's not a conventional hottie, he's got the muscled, toned body of an elite athlete, yet the curious and calm visage of an everyman. When he smiles, he lures you in.

Rock climbing has been Chris’ life since his first exposure to the sport when he was 12 at the Pacific Edge climbing gym. Over the last 20 years, Chris has continually pushed world standards. He is widely viewed as the best climber in the world.

Sharma has dedicated years of his life to discovering and climbing singular, aesthetic and seemingly impossible routes—always with his humble, meditative approach and powerful, dynamic style of movement. Today he continues to climb at the world standard, pushing the limits of what’s possible and always reimagining the direction of his remarkably storied climbing career.

"Climbing is a full-body sport from your fingers to your toes. Some holds are less than a quarter inch and you have to pull all your weight on that little hold. To prepare for that, you have to be able to do a one-armed, one-finger pull-up. And not just hang from one finger, but to be able to pulse your whole body off that finger. It sounds crazy, but quite a few climbers can do it."

Chris is a spiritual man whose faith helps him overcome fears and take risks. He believes that by pushing himself to become a better, stronger climber, he practices and learns how to become a better, stronger person. And, to him, the real life, the experience of climbing is in the process, the struggle. What he really enjoys is the fight.

"You think the purpose of climbing is to get to the top of something—but once you do get to the top you’re like, 'Well, now what do I do?'

Rock Hard?

For the gay rock climbers, we recommend to makeout with your climbing mate :-) And then come to Bacchus for a celebratory cocktail or two. :-)

Chris is welcome at Bacchus anytime for that shot of tequila. And for you trivia buffs who are always looking for hints in our blog posts, we're gonna ask you a question about something in last Thursday's post.