Sunday Best

Sunday Funday! Football and Holiday Cocktails at Bacchus! Join us! And, since it's rainy today, think about sunny days and…

Next time you reach in your drawer and grab those Hawaiian board shorts, STOP!

Break out of old patterns and consider changing it up.

Even though men have a few styles to choose from, we can still find the best suit for our shape. So if you’re ready to show off your swimsuit body, for the next few Sundays, we'll offer some tips on how to pick the right swimwear. First up, the skimpy suit, also known as…

Swim Briefs
We often refer to these as speedos, tight, body-hugging swimsuits with a V-shaped front that certainly bares the thighs. Swim briefs are not for the shy guy. These form-fitting briefs are worn by performance swimmers, and are also big in the European culture. You don't need a physique like you've just graduated from West Point in Orange County, NY; yes, that's the oddly worded trivia hint for today. If you’re looking for an even tan, dare to bare (click to enlarge).

And, we know that anyone can pull off swim briefs. All you need is confidence.

Join us for a cocktail and some fun! Read next Sunday's blog for another swimsuit primer.