Flirting With Fantasy

Thank God it's Friday! It's time to make the ending of this most interesting year count. Start by getting yourself ready for the Bacchus GEAR party tomorrow night. Throw on your fetish gear, leather harness or arm band, sports wear, wrestling singlet, or whatever turns you on. There's prizes to be won (two $100 Mr. S Leather Gift Cards) for those dressed up. So plan for that.... but as for today, it's FRIDAY…so come drink $6 Absolut and eat $4 B+B sammies and stick around for DJ Matt at 10PM - you'll be glad you did. There's never a cover and it's always fun at Bacchus Waikiki.

Planning for tomorrow?
There are countless of reasons why daydreams stimulate our sex drive and why we use them as an escape, but the truth might be something to do with what we feel we’re lacking or want and need more of.

Fetishes and fantasies are stimulated by our senses – a memory of something in our lives that happened, which prompted us to create an imaginary life in our heads. What we fantasize about can say a lot about our personalities.

Control? Domination? Submission? Exploration? Exhibitionism? Bondage? Role Play?

Who hasn’t had a fantasy about one of their ex-teachers or current authority figure? It’s more common than any of us realize, though while most people don’t act on it, there are plenty that do. The whole idea around it is power play.

If you’re fantasizing about a person solely because he has a higher rank than you, chances are you either want to unconsciously gain some of that power, or you subconsciously want to show him who’s boss. You want role reversal.

Perhaps it’s because you feel like you don’t have enough power yourself or you wish you had more. Hell, it might just be because you have a hot boss, but there is something in your life you crave more of, and in your sexually stimulated brain, this figure seems to be the only one who can give it to you.

Fantasizing is right and good. And don't let 'em tell you otherwise. :-)

Fantasizing about anything helps you recharge your mind. he very act of looking at a travel magazine or reading a feel-good story can transform a person’s mood. If you read all about a lush, remote island, you can feel as though you went there through your reading. It’s an escape from the mundane schedule and routine. How could it not be better when the fantasy is about sex? :-)

Fantasies help you escape danger or pain. r many victims of childhood abuse, fantasy has been necessary. Fantasy allows us a way to escape a situation that is untenable. Buried fantasy trivia hint: the Odyssey, is, in part, the sequel to the Iliad. For those who may be in a marriage or a job that they can’t afford to leave, they can put themselves in a happier place through fantasy, imagining that they live in a different situation or that they can walk out anytime they want.

Fantasies fuel creativity. Anything goes in your mind; there are no rules or parameters. Allowing your mind to have no bounds opens up the possibilities for creativity. Fantasies are essential to painters, writers, and to solving interpersonal problems.

Fantasies create a safe space. The guy who longs to find true love or to lose weight and feels it may be impossible can retreat into a world where the possibilities are limitless, allowing a chance to play with contemplating change.

So flirt with your fantasies. Share them with us if you'd like. Come play with us at Bacchus today, tonight and through the weekend. You'll be glad you did.