Ask Bacchus: Boozy Gift Suggestions

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A blog reader wrote:

Holidays aren't just about ornaments, or the ornamental. I want to give my friends booze. I also want to help them expand their liquor palate - take them beyond Tokyo Tea and Jäger Bombs. What liquors do you suggest I get for my buddies?

If Tokyo Tea and Jäger Bombs are regular orders, it sounds like your friends like to drink to get a buzz. If you'd like to gently steer them toward a more sophisticated and slower way of easing their inhibitions, we suggest a gift of…


Because you're supposed to sip it slowly, Whisky is fit for easygoing personalities. And, perhaps it'll slow your friends down. Poured over one large ice cube, they should sip a mouthful and let the liquor spread over your tongue and you'll notice all those subtleties of flavor that are specified on the back of the bottle.

Or try a gift of Wine

From a pure tasting point of view, wine offers the gift of exploration, especially into lesser known areas of the world. From an experiential point of view, wine offers the gift of gathering: maybe it’s what’s tucked under your arm as you knock on a friend’s door, or it’s what welcomes other friends as you open your own door to them. Your friends will enjoy a white or a red. They just need to sip it slowly.

Then, there's always Beer!

A delicious craft beer or just a case of what you know they like best might be just the gift that they'll remember forever.

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