The Tail End

Our Thursday Timeout series will return on January 5th.

Looking at the furry backside of 2016 - we realize that it was a real roller coaster, wasn’t it?

Leaving politics aside for the moment (gonna need a stiff shot of tequila - $5 today at Bacchus - to discuss that election, my friend), here’s a couple of cocktail trends that shaped 2016 followed by a gratuitous sexy butt gallery (because it's the 'tail end' of the year. And we all need a little NSFW excitement.)

This past year at Bacchus we noticed an upward trend in people ordering two drinks:

  • The Gin Martini - with plenty of vermouth- meaning "wet"

  • Tequila Reposado Margaritas - served up with salt

Both of these strong delicious drinks are twists on classics and are quick to give you a buzz and will lower your inhibitions. But keep your pants on (because it's the law). Here's a gallery dedicated to the rear-end of 2016.

Let's kiss this year's ass goodbye.

Enjoy a cocktail at Bacchus. Come to the bar for our New Year's Eve parties. Saturday night we'll watch the ball drop in New York City at 7PM Hawaii time. We'll have champagne and snacks. Then, at 12AM, we'll have a countdown and a midnight champagne toast.