Night Visitors

It's 2-4-1 Wednesday. Buy a cocktail and get the second one- no charge. Don't want the second one right away? We'll give you a wooden nickel to use for that cocktail any other time; today, tomorrow, whenever. DJ Matt spins tonight and he rocks the holiday. Spice up your Wednesday and enjoy Bacchus Waikiki!

Is there a book on your nightstand next to that tumbler of whisky?

Perhaps you're a Kindle/iPad kinda guy? Do you ever read erotic fiction?

Bacchus, the god of all things sexy, does! Consider sending one of these books to a friend and/or special someone. Perhaps you can ask for a book report when they're finished reading. :-) Here's a few titles that have recently caught our eye:

Horny Business
An erotic travel novel by author (I hope it's a pseudonym!) Peter Shaft. The synopsis:
Jason is a gemstone trader about to close the business of a lifetime. What he doesn’t know is that he will have a tough negotiation during a first class flight with Amar, a sexy and dominant billionaire. How far is Jason willing to go to close this deal?

The novel takes place in the first class compartment of a long flight. It includes long steamy sex scenes, explicit language, underwear fetish, etc. At only $2.99 for Kindle, it's a holiday steal. BUY IT HERE.

Protective Knight
An different take on erotic fiction, this installment in the Immortal Knight series has an alternative fantasy paranormal romance, shape-shifting and lots of sex. Author Marcy Jacks offers up this synopsis:
Alistair, a walking fantasy, is dangerous, deadly, and willing to kill all evil with a flick of his sword. He practically walked out of a romance novel. Alistair will do anything to protect his lover Kevin - who died in their previous life, but Kevin is back, and he may hold the key to everything Alistair and his brothers lost.

This whole series has a huge following and with "paranormal" romance, you can imagine the writing stretches your imagination. At only $4.99 this one would offer hours of fantasy pleasure. BUY IT HERE.

…or just live out your fantasies in your real life. Or at Bacchus. 2-4-1 cocktails are just the thing to get you in that special mood. Join us today or tonight. You'll be glad you did. No cover and always fun.