Timeout for Rami H.

Today is our thirteenth installment of our Thursday TIMEOUT series. We're culling some photos of handsome sporty hunks who've caught our attention and fueled our fantasies. Check out Danny, Nathan, Freddy, Carlos, Serge, Jake, Will, Daniel, Tyler, Stan, Christof and Chris. This week, Olympic wrestler, Rami Antero Hietaniemi. We always wonder about the mind of a man who dresses in a singlet (or less) and aims to overpower another man with direct contact. Sigh Today at Bacchus enjoy all tequila for $5 and a fresh new batch or Baker + Butcher sandwiches for $4. Delicious!

Meet 5′ 11″, 185 lb. Rami Antero Hietaniemi, Greco-Roman wrestler. Born December 28, 1982 in Perho, Finland.

Imagine entering the wrestling match to discover your opponent is a 33 year old blue-eyed, blond-bearded, shaved-headed muscle hunk. This Finnish national champion and two-time Olympian competed for over 14 years. His best international results: bronze at the World Championships in 2011 and, silver at the European Championships in 2014.

Hampered by finger and elbow injuries, Rami always fought through the pain and returned to wrestling for the pure joy of the sport. Was it the joy of man-to-man contact? Is the appeal the homoeroticism of Greco-Roman wrestling?

We invite Rami to Bacchus to enjoy the company of other men as closely as he wants. Maybe he can show us some of his best moves. If so, he gets shot of tequila on the house (for others tequila is only $5 every Thursday).

Back to the homoeroticism of wrestling....Both gay and straight men say the same thing. The physical contact, the aggression, the dominance play. Having little clothing on too, of course contribute to the perception of wrestling as a gay sport.

It's erotic to see two men struggle against each other.

What turns the wrestlers on during their matches is the physical contact, the aggression, the dominance, and as I state in the film, many of the chemicals in the body that are emitted during wrestling are the same as those while having sex.

Most wrestlers are not thinking about sex with their opponent during a match. They're thinking about winning or not getting their asses kicked. Private wrestling is a different story. And contrary to what some people may say, guys who are turned on by it while wrestling privately are just as competitive in their pins and submissions; they're just not afraid to allow themselves to enjoy the homoerotic side. It's been this way for ages...

And of course there's homophobia regarding wrestling.

You can't have homophobia unless there's homoeroticism. When someone says "wrestling looks gay," they are basically saying "I can see the homoeroticism in that." It makes them uncomfortable so they say things like that to try to distance themselves from those feelings. If they're alone, though, they probably don't change the channel. ;-)

And purists ignore the hyped-up, silly pro-wrestling entertainment. They much prefer the sport and the visuals that go along with it like those in the gallery below. (click to enlarge)

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