Friday means the end of the work week and the beginning of the holiday! It's the eve of Christmas Eve, so after you're finished with your last minute shopping, come on up the stairs to Bacchus and sit down, relax and enjoy a $6 Absolut cocktail. At 10 tonight, DJ Kuya will make you feel merry and bright! :-)

Everyone has secret fantasies or desires that they wish could happen. There’s no reason to keep it a secret, if you tell someone then there’s more of a chance that it may happen.

As the 1988 hit song by the Minnesota synthpop group, Information Society, says, "I wanna know what you're thinking. There are some things you can't hide. I want to know what you're feeling. Tell me what's on you mind!"

Part of a healthy adult sex life is taking the time to explore desires and learn what turns us on, without judgment.

Think through your fantasies on your own, and try to get a sense of what lights your fire. It might be helpful for you to differentiate between your fantasies and your desires.

Fantasies are the things you think about that turn you on. Desires are the things you actually want to happen. You might fantasize about having group sex, but not actually ever want to do it. Sometimes making that differentiation can make it easier to acknowledge what turns us on. From there, try simply saying out loud what you’re interested in.

It could be one of these (select the image for an explanation). We'll explore each of these fantasies in the weeks to come in our new Friday Fantasies series.

You don’t need to try to make sense of why you have a particular fantasy or what it “says about you” that some particular thing turns you on. Remember, fantasies don’t always overlap with desires. But even if you do want to try out a fantasy in real life, there’s still no need to judge it.

So tell us, submit your fantasies to Bacchus, and who knows… maybe you’ll meet someone at Bacchus this weekend to help make it happen. Your holiday wish may come true.

Next Friday we'll have more tips on sharing your fantasies.