A Few Rounds…

Enjoy the day after Christmas with a few rounds at Bacchus today. Margaritas are only $3. Baker + Butcher sandwiches are $4.

In British Commonwealth countries and former territories around the world, today is Boxing Day. Its history has something to do with wealthy people giving gifts to the "servant class", but in those places today it's just a "bank holiday".

Bacchus hears the word 'boxing' and his mind goes elsewhere…

Shirtless and sexy.

And we think back to a recent feature length ad for a Versace fragrance that shows a gang of models beating the hell out of each other in a boxing ring, walking around town in slick identical suits, and locking lips. At around the one-minute mark, two models exchange a violent and homoerotic kiss before one punches the other in the face. (video below)

The fashion/fragrance video doesn't make it clear, but boxing is about masculinity, sexuality, and violence!

When your sensual mind thinks about boxing- it perceives it to be about masculine intimacy; attempts between male fighters to brutally suppress and destroy the other, and to suppress and destroy desire—particularly homoerotic desire.

How about the homoeroticism in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) caged fighting? In the logic of masculinity in MMA, one fighter seeks to inflict pain and suffering on the other until the other submits, or is obliterated. We can't keep our eyes off of it.

Do you know how to throw a punch? Learn how here.

Punching and/or fist fighting isn't allowed at Bacchus. Sensual play-fighting is fine for the bedroom. Stripping naked and wrestling is probably less painful and more likely to lead to a hyper-erotic encounter. But then again…

Sometimes a boxing match can turn into a gay love fest.

Love us at Bacchus today and tonight. There'll be no punch and no punches are allowed.