Harnessing Attention

Today is Saturday, December 3rd and we're spicing it up for you! Tuki's crazy bloody mary bar starts the day off right and $6 Jack Daniels shots will keep it going. Later, DJ Takai turns it up because…

The Bacchus GEAR Party is tonight at 9PM.
Come dressed in whichever fetish gear you feel best in.

image from Folsom Street Leather Festival 2016

Sports gear or a simple armband is very sexy, and naughty Bacchus loves to see a man in a leather harness.

Leather is masculine, sexy and a huge turn on for most guys. If you haven’t explored the world of leather, then you’re missing out. It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and give it a try. It can be a whole new adventure for your sex life that you’ve been missing out on!

A leather harness is one of the most basic and essential pieces of fetish gear. They are commonly worn at Pride parades, clubs, and fetish parties.

The leather harnesses frames the chest nicely the same way a jock strap frames the ass nicely.

Harnesses come in a variety of styles, materials and price points. The best harnesses are made of leather. This is because they will last longer and are more comfortable. The smell of leather in the bedroom is also a huge turn on for many guys. It is rough, masculine, and the natural scent can make sex more aggressive and exciting.

A leather harness accentuate different areas of the body, depending on the style. Most will make pecs look more defined and give a barrel chest look, and some styles highlight different parts of the torso.

Leather harnesses can be bought at fetish shops like Mr. S Leather in San Francisco (and online at mr-s-leather.com). And, when you show up to our GEAR party tonight wearing the simplest of fetish gear (wrist band?) or head-to-toe leather, you'll be entered to win one of two $100 Mr. S Leather gift cards. 

A high quality leather harness is made with 1.5-2” thick leather straps, metal rivets, solid O-rings and heavy-duty buckles. The thick leather straps make the harness appear more masculine and allow you to be rough with it without risking it breaking or coming apart. Look for a leather harness with buckets and adjustable straps so it can be adjusted to your body; a harness should be worn nice and snug.

The better the quality, the longer it will last. The first few times wearing a harness may be uncomfortable, but over time the leather will become softer, more comfortable, like an old leather jacket. Choose a harness style that you like and something you would be into wearing. A leather harness is supposed to be enjoyable to wear. If it doesn’t feel right, either you put it on wrong or it’s not the right style for you.

The more common styles of leather harnesses include The Bulldog (below, first 4 pics), an H shape, the classic Chest Harness (next 4 pics), crossing over the chest highlighting the pecs, and other variations (final 4 pics) that frames the pecs, shoulders, torso and may or may not include a cock ring.

Caring for a leather harness is pretty easy, simply hang it up on a wood hanger in a cool, dry place, away from heat and sunlight. Never store leather in plastic bags or containers because leather needs to breathe. Before putting away leather, clean it with a clean, damp cloth, paying attention to areas around buckles, rings and rivets. Never clean leather with soap, solvent, silicone, wax, or other harsh chemicals.