'Member When

As we all take time to reflect on the 75th Anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Bacchus would also like to take time to remember the past. (See below for a recent discovery about Pearl Harbor Day and Bacchus.) This post is dedicated to the pioneers of the LGBT community who have made the world a more accepting place today and remind us that homosexuality has been around forever.

We look at some of these images with a romantic notion of what love between two men might have been like years ago. Then we realize that it had to be a secret love - one that 'dare not speak it's name.'

At Bacchus we celebrate love of all kinds. We are a gay bar and open our doors to all - gay, straight, bi, questioning, intersex, abstinent and celibate. We thrive to be the place where you feel welcome and comfortable being you. :-)

We will never charge you to enter through our doors whether we have a high-priced performer or if we're having an anniversary, beer bust or any other event. We want to celebrate YOU. That's why we're having a Holiday Party this Saturday at 4pm to thank you, our customers, for your continued patronage. There'll be food, fun and a festive atmosphere. Join us.

This photo was taken December 7, 1941 and ran in the Honolulu newspapers that evening. The caption:

Damage in the heart of Waikiki from a stray bomb, in the middle of Lewers Road, just mauka of Kuhio.

Customers will recognize the details from the building in the background as the structure at 408 Lewers where Bacchus is located. The stairwell has been altered and an elevator has been added, but the upstairs windows are an immediate giveaway to the identification of Bacchus Waikiki. Interesting, no?

Today: 2-4-1 Wednesday means two cocktails for the price of one at Bacchus. Don't want the second one right away? You'll get a wooden nickel for it to use any time, any day. What a deal! Tonight, we've got DJ Kuya- so you'll be able to bounce at our happy house party.