We Met at Bacchus – Part 6

What a great crowd for yesterday's Legacy Foundation Beer Bust for Honolulu Pride™. Wes and Rob were on hand for the announcement that Pride was moved from June to October 22 this year. Have you met Wes and Rob yet? They'll be at Bacchus today enjoying Margarita Monday — $3 for a delicious blend of tequila and lime juice. The story of Wes and Rob's blending is quite intriguing…


Wes and Rob have been together for 4 years and 1 week. Last Monday was their 4th anniversary. They were in Waikiki to celebrate and retrace their steps from 4 years ago. We met with the couple and they agreed to model for some sexy photos in their hotel room. They told us a fantastic tale of how they met - you won't believe it. To read parts 123, 4, and 5 click on those numbers. Today, we come to the end of their first encounter and leave you wanting more.

This sexy couple (Wes, left; Rob, right) had just been startled awake by a Honolulu police officer after a night of passionate love making in a hotel room that wasn't theirs. They're groggy, confused, naked and sticky, blinded by bright sunlight and trying to cover themselves up…

Wes continues with the story. He's animated and smiling when he recalls the booming voice of the police officer, 'Looks like you two had quite a night. How'd you get into this room?'

"I had no choice but to answer the guy honestly, I grabbed a pillow to cover my dick and in the same move, pointed to Rob, 'His friend gave us the key.'

Rob pursed his lips and shook his head, "Yup, true love! As if! You narc'ed me out the first chance you got!"

"I didn't narc you out, I narc'ed Jamie."

Rob continued, "At that moment, I was so confused and embarrassed. Barely aware of where I was. Then a montage of the previous night zoomed through my mind in a split second. I was covering my junk with my hands and went to stand up and find my clothes to get dressed and the police officer pushed my shoulders down and bellowed, 'Stay down!'

"The force of his push sent my head colliding into Wes' nose. Wes instantly grabs ahold of his nose and in releases the pillow covering his crotch. The pillow zooms across the bed and reveals the beautifully erect catapult that sent it flying."

Wes laughs and adds, "It's at this point, with my nose about to bleed and my dick exposed at full attention- it's now that I notice the policeman isn't wearing a holster, no gun....and even as my eyes start to water after the force of getting whapped in the nose, I see that this cop's outfit is a little mismatched."

"This guy who I now realized is only dressed up sort of like a cop looks right into my eyes, 'Good afternoon, Wes. Now that I see I've got your attention, let's get to the bottom of this.'

Rob interjects, "Wes, your eyes just popped wide open. And you looked at me like, 'how does this guy know my name?' And just then we hear the bathroom door open and the whoosh of water in a drain.

"Into the room walks Jamie. He's got a small towel barely wrapped around his waist exposing a tanned muscular thigh. Water beads were glistening on his skin.

Wes: "Jamie just casually starts a conversation, like he'd been there the entire time, 'This is Officer Matthews. We have to go along with what he says or he's gonna arrest us.' And the smirk, then grin, then full open mouthed smile spread across Jamie's face as he looked at Rob and dropped his towel to the floor.

"I took my my hands off of my nose and realized that it wasn't going to start bleeding. I touched Rob on the shoulder and he looked at me. He was smiling the biggest smile I'd ever seen on someone. He licked his lips and planted a wet kiss on my mouth.

"Soon we were in a tangle of arms and legs, mouths and, well, you know...gladly obeying the instructions of Officer Matthews. The bright sunshine day eventually turned into night then morning again."

Wes continued, "I had to leave first, but I didn't want to…I felt such a deep connection to Rob even when we were messing around with the other two. We exchanged numbers before I left the room. I had to leave to go back to the mainland and left Rob in the room with Jamie and Officer Matthews and it seemed as though they were eager to keep going."

Rob laughed, "We did. Besides, I had to go back to the mainland the next day. I wanted to have more fun. And I knew, I just knew that I'd see you in California and we'd connect again. And before you know it, it was like a week later, we connected in California and a few months after that, we were talking about moving in together."

Wes wrapped his arm around Rob's neck in a romantic embrace and sighed, "That was 4 years ago. Hard to believe."

"It's been great to be back here in Honolulu, spending time at Bacchus and retracing our steps."

"I love you Wes."

"I love you more, Rob!"

Rob looked up at Wes, "By the way, Jamie never did tell me how he got keys to room 427. We're going to see him and Jason (Officer Matthews) this week sometime."

That's a story we're eager to hear about. Details please!

Thank you to Wes and Rob for sharing their "We Met at Bacchus" story. Congratulations on your 4th anniversary. Hope to see you at Honolulu Pride™ in October.

We're eager to hear your stories about Bacchus. Please contact us if you'd like to share.