Pau Hana & Ohana

Boarding a Hawaiian Airlines jet bound for Hawaii, first time travelers are surprised by the lengthy greeting:

I keia ho'ea 'ana mai ou i ko kakou 'aina nani no, welina me ke aloha. 'O keia aloha o na kanaka a me ka 'aina, he mea 'ume malahini ia no ka wa lo 'ihi no. Mai kekahi palena nona na ahi a Pele a hiki aku i na pali lelel koa'e o Manokalanipo, e 'ike auane'i pu no 'oe, 'a'ole ho'i o ka nani o ka 'aina wale no kai 'ume ana ia 'oe aka, 'o ke aloha kanaka a aloha 'aina kekahi.

Panic sets in. “Oh my God! English is a second language in Hawaii!” Relax, we speak English. All the time. Once and a while, a few Hawaiian words are thrown in for flavor. If you don't know what is being said, just ask.

The words you need to know at Bacchus:

Pau Hana: This phrase simply means “finished work.” It implies that it's time to drink. Some bars may have Pau Hana specials (basically Happy Hour). Drink with us today, pau hana or not, Absolut cocktails are $6.

Ohana: Family. This word can refer to your mom and dad and siblings or your extended family or, as in many communities, the people with whom you have similar experiences. At Bacchus we welcome you to our ohana and look forward to making you comfortable with delicious drinks, music from the city's hottest DJs and an all around good time.

Enjoy your pau hana with our ohana.

Mahalo (thank you!)