ASK BACCHUS: Where Can I Learn More About Beer?

So you’re thinking about getting seriously into beer?

At some point, you went from not caring about beer at all to being mildly interested in it, and from there to being more-or-less obsessed. Well…

…if you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’ve reached that second stage. This post is intended to give some practical advice, and some reassurance.

The gourmet magazine, Saveur has a list of beer blogs that are sure to please.

  1. Pints and Panels is a blog by a cartoonist about beer. She illustrates her reviews and even gives kudos to Miller Lite.
  2. Don't Drink Beer is a blog that focuses mainly on craft beers and the beer making process.
  3. Boak & Bailey's Beer Blog writes about ales, history and pub life in the UK.
  4. Guys Drinking Beer comes from three guys in Illinois that are focusing on advocacy for local craft beers.
  5. The Hop Review has a blog that features reviews of craft beers and some damn good educational articles about beer making.
  Illustration from   Rogue Ales & Spirits  .

Illustration from Rogue Ales & Spirits.

It's Tap Tuesday. Come enjoy your favorite brew at Bacchus. Today and tonight, they're only $2.

And let us know what some of your favorite beers are. We're in the process of reviewing our tap and bottle selections. Cheers.