How to Take Sexy Selfies

Enjoying yourself at the beach or at the bar (Margarita Monday at Bacchus, for instance)? Share that experience with your buddies (or future playmates) by taking a selfie.

We all want to feel sexy sometimes, don't we? And what better time than when we are sitting alone with our camera phones doing absolutely nothing sexy at all. The Sexy Selfie's origins date back to when dating websites came of age. Today, it's an absolute must for people who are trying to find a mate online or, who feel the need to post a picture of them-self looking hot on Scruff, Grindr, Tindr and Facebook. HOW TO? See below...

How to take the best selfies:

1. Lower your guard with a cocktail. May we suggest a $3 Margarita at Bacchus today? Make it a top-shelf Margarita for just $2 more.

2. Hold the camera high. Avoid the "up the nostrils" shot and the "how many chins can you count" shot.

3. Ensure the light source/sun is not directly behind you. You will be in total shadow if it is.

4. Choose a neutral backdrop/setting. Remember- You are the focus of the photo, not the dirty toilet in your bathroom.

5. Set the zoom on your camera. Do you really want your long arm/hand/fingers in the shot? Post photo cropping can help this, too.

6. Smile. Nobody is attracted to a duck face.

If all else fails, ask your friends to take your photo. If you don't like what you see, you can always blame them. ;-)