First Time at Bacchus — Jackson

Who am I and why would I write in to Bacchus?

Jackson, Sam and Michael splashing in the water.

Dear Bacchus,

I thought it was great that Rob and Wes let you share their story with everyone back in January. It’s nice to hear that sometimes you can come away with more than just a one-night stand meeting someone at a bar. I’ll always think fondly of Bacchus because it’s my favorite hangout and where I first started making gay friends on the island.

I moved back to Hawaii a couple of years ago to work at an internship in town. The job let me go early on Tuesdays and since I was nearby, I would go to Kaimana’s to relax on the beach and enjoy the view. Maybe the third week or so of doing this, I overheard two guys nearby talking about how much fun they had at Bacchus over the weekend. Once I realized they were talking about a gay bar I couldn’t stop myself from eavesdropping on their weekend recap.

“Remember that one daddy bear?”

“You mean the one who had almost his entire arm all the way down that cub’s pants? Who could forget!”

“I thought it was funniest though when we noticed us and walked over to introduce himself. And when he reached his hand out of a handshake you went in for a hug and a kiss on the cheek instead.”

“I mean think about it, we just saw where his hand has been the whole night. I doubt he had time to wash it.”

“Yeah but the best part was when he hugged you back and his hand started to move down into your pants.”

“Ha! You're right! I just had to wiggle my way out. He seemed like a nice guy though.”

The two started laughing and laughed even louder when they noticed I heard their conversation and was blushing from it all. That was when Sam and Michael came over to introduce themselves to me. They invited me to come to Bacchus with them, said it was where they hung out and chilled. When I mentioned that I wasn’t in the position to be spending much money at bars, they told me it was just about $2 or $2.50 for a beer on Tuesday and so I went.

I’m glad I checked it out too. I had only been to one gay bar on island and I just wasn’t as comfortable there. It seemed as though everyone had their own section on a table or along the lookout and I felt I was intruding on people’s space. Bacchus had a much cozier set up and it felt a lot more casual and relaxed. The bartenders knew Sam and Michael by name and a couple of the other customers at the bar waved hello, too. Sam got the first round of beers for us and we just sat on a table and chatted.

It was fun, it was cozy, and affordable for someone like me at that time. I think that summer we hung out every Tuesday and a couple of other nights too when the three of us could get off work. Our schedules have since gotten a bit more hectic and I don’t have that sweet schedule anymore since they hired me full-time but we still try to meet up once a month for drinks on a Tuesday just to catch up and talk story.


We reached out to Jackson and thanked him for the kind words. We asked if he had any more salacious stories to tell us about Bacchus but he was a bit shy and didn’t want to share. He did recommend that we speak with Sam though. And Sam gave us quite a spicy story to share.

Sam's story, next week.