Something For Everyone!

Strong winds are blowing and the weekend has begun and we’ve got some great things to recommend:

Enjoy your PAU HANA at Bacchus Waikiki with $6 Absolut cocktails, a cold tap beer or one of our delicious new Spring 2016 cocktails (everybody's raving about the Ty's Law- a refreshing coconut/basil drink that's light, smooth and tasty).

HIGFFL kicks off the 2016 flag football season at 10:30AM with the first week of play at Kapiolani Park. The Bacchus BAND OF BROTHERS will face off against the InBetween Green Machine in the second game at 12:30PM. We'll have a tent and refreshment for all spectators. Come cheer on the BROTHERS.

Then head on over to Bacchus for some afternoon refreshment ($6 Jack perhaps?) and a $4 Baker + Butcher sandwich. Pauli will be providing the smiles from noon until 5PM.

Saturday Night
DJ Kuya is up and raring to go on SEXY SATURDAY. His recent trip to Mexico has re-energized his sets. You're not going to want to miss this night. There's a rumor that the bar will be filled with football players (wink wink) celebrating or commiserating the first week of play. It'll be the best time to meet some sporty guys at play.

The Aloha Bears meet up at Bacchus at 11:30AM for pre-cruise preparations then will be OUT AT SEA. The post-booze-cruise luncheon follows at around 2:30PM. Another great time to meet and greet some of the hottest men in Honolulu and enjoy our make-your-own bloody mary bar with the handsome Bryant serving up suggestions for a tasty combination of ingredients.

Sunday Night
The sun will go down, but the men of Honolulu will still be up for a night of booze, music and fun and Bacchus is the place. Come on in and get another taste of our Spring 2016 cocktail menu. This time, because it's Sunday, we suggest the FORBIDDEN FRUIT: Crown Royal, lemon juice and a touch of cranberry mix together in a sinful sip.

It's Pi Day (3.14...). We've got TRIVIA and a PIE BAKING CONTEST. Check our events page for details on both (and please read the rules for the Pie Baking Contest).

So you see, there's something for everyone at Bacchus this weekend (and always).