HIGFFL 2016 Week 1

The sun shone bright and the wind blew hard on Saturday morning, March 12th, as the HIGFFL 2016 season got underway. Follow the game reviews on the Bacchus blog...they'll get racier as the season progresses....

The first match of the day pitted the Wang Chung's Big Wang Theory (in hot pink) against the Baker + Butcher B2 Bombshells (in maroon). They stretched and ran some drills then got down to business. The first few series fizzled for both teams. Now that the kinks were worked out, the Bombshells Rafael Torres QB'ing (filling in for the honeymooning Grant James) threw a long bomb to Clay who ran a few yards for the score. The extra point (+1) was good. B2 Bombshells 7, Big Wang Theory 0.

On the next series, the hot pink Wangs were on the move. Gan collected a pass from Aaron and nimbly ran toward the endzone evading a few flag grabs for the 6 points. The extra point evened the game at 7…and there it stood as time expired in the first half.

The first possession of the second half saw the Big Wang Theorists working the ball....down the field utilizing all players on offense. Their handy ball work paid off when the team was close to the endzone and was facing 9 long yards. Aaron pitched and Bryant held tightly to punch it in. Melissa deftly converted the 2 extra points and the Wangs went up 15-7.

A little back-and-forth followed in the next two series, but a kick into the wind put the Wangs back in possession to score. Then Aaron's errant throw was picked off by Bombshell captain Jön who ran it in for 6. QB Rafi ran the ball for +2. The score was tied again, 15 all.

With time running out, Big Wang-er Bryant scored again with a long run. The extra point run by Aaron was good for 1 point. The score stood as Big Wang Theory 22, B2 Bombshells 15.

The very next play from scrimmage, B2QB Rafi throws a bomb to Clay for a TD. Extra point play for 2 (and the win) is no good. Final score: Big Wang Theory 22, B2 Bombshells 21.

Pics from both games below. Click photo to enlarge. Second game recap below photo block.

The second game was a rematch of last year's championship game, well, for the bar sponsors at least. The In Between Green Machine (in Kelly green) hosted the Bacchus Band of Brothers (in navy blue).

With new players, nobody knew what to expect. The Band of Brothers (BoBs) had the ball first and, true to form, QB Michael was throwing long. Three plays later, a long toss to rookie Jake had the BoBs on the board. They went for one on the extra point, got it. 7-0.

Not to be outdone, the Green Machine answered quickly. QB Brandon is a machine with his accurate throws and quick cuts. The Machine scored on leaping catch by Shayne, but the 2-point conversion failed. 7-6.

It became clear that it was going to be a high scoring game and that the points after touchdown (PATs) were going to be crucial. The two teams then traded scores: BoBs - Michael to Chane for 6 and 1. Then Brandon to Ty with a pitch back to Shayne and a long run for 6 plus 2 evened the score at 14.

The Brothers were bobbing and the Machine was grinding, but the BoBs held their heads high when Dean scored from the 9 and Chane caught the PAT to put the Brothers up 21-14 at the half.

Suprisingly, the well-rested Machine sputtered on the opening drive in the second half and the Brothers took advantage: Michael to Chane from the 10. The PAT was no good. Band of Brothers 27, Green Machine 14.

Time was ticking away and the BoBs had to fight on defense. Brother Elliot had Green QB Brandon scrambling enough to force him into some errant throws. The greenies lucked out when Bernard caught a Brandon throw from the 6. The 2pt PAT to Shayne is good. Band of Brothers 27, Green Machine 22 with two minutes remaining.

Here's where time-out utilization is important. The men in blue had the ball and needed to run time off the clock and the machine was hoping to get the ball back and go for the win.

The Band of Brothers were in synch. Michael to Hal from the 2 yard line. Extra point (+1) intercepted by Ty, but downed by Michael (penalty) on his run back. The refs conferred and mistakenly awarded the Green Machine a try for 2 points from the spot of the foul - the 30 yard line of the BoBs. The attempt failed. Upon later review, the ball should have been spotted at their own 10 yard line. The score stood as Band of Brothers 33, Green Machine 22.

The Green Machine now had the ball and were driving to get a better score, but blue shirted Brother Hal intercepted and scored as time expired. Final score Band of Brothers 39, Green Machine 22.

Join us next week at Kapiolani Park at 10:30 for the Green Machine vs Big Wang Theory; and at 12:30 for the Band of Brothers vs the B2 Bombshells. Team Mimosa is our group of sideline spectators. They always welcome new fans.