Friday Group Hug

You’ve just completed a hard day’s work and aren’t quite ready to head home or to weigh yourself down with a meal. But you need to shake off the day and kick up those heels. What can possibly be better than coming into Bacchus to partake of cocktails and lively chatter?

Friday Happy Hour at Bacchus feels like a GROUP HUG.

Pauli has got your afternoon covered. The feathers in his hair haven't faded. He's looking fine (and excited about our GEAR party tomorrow night). Richard and David work together like a well-oiled machine and have your happy hours covered. They'll be trying some new drink specials, new music and visuals for your enjoyment. At 9, Bryant, Brett and Robson start their engines to help make your Friday evening with DJ Kuya outstanding. Drink up, they know how to mix a cocktail.

Happy Hour at Bacchus reminds you that whatever came before or whatever might come afterward, right here and right now, for these few hours, all is well—and well shaken—with the world.