The Flavor Rinse

It's Wooden Nickel Wednesday. Two 4 One Cocktails!

We recommend a flavor rinse with your friends…

Well, that would be fun, too, but…

When you order a cocktail, sometimes, the glass comes with a "flavor rinse". The purpose of the rinse is to impart the taste of a strongly flavored ingredient to a cocktail, without that ingredient overpowering the rest of the drink.

The Sazerac is probably the best-known cocktail to feature a rinse, with its traditional wash of absinthe. In the case of the Sazerac, the absinthe provides a hint of anise flavor, which complements the rye whiskey and enhances similar spicy notes in the Peychaud's bitters.
Writing in Esquire magazine, David Wondrich suggests other uses for the cocktail rinse:

How about a margarita with a mescal rinse? Or a martini with Chartreuse, a cosmo with Campari — hell, why not a Jack-and-Coke with Jägermeister? (Let us know if that one works, okay?)

One of his ideas that you'll love is a rinse of single-malt scotch in a Manhattan cocktail.

Try out a cocktail with a rinse or try one of our new cocktails from the Spring 2016 menu. Let us know what you think.