The Machine Was Revved & The Band Played On

The Hawaii Gay Flag Football League 2016 season continued with Week 2 games. Game 1 featured The In Between Green Machine against the Wang Chung's Big Wang Theory. Game 2 featured The Bacchus Band of Brothers against The Baker + Butcher B2 Bombshells.

Game 1: The team in hot pink from Wang Chung's were coming off a squeaky-close win from week 1, and the green In-Betweeners were trying to gel after a humiliating week 1 defeat. Right off the bat, it seemed that it was going to be a lopsided affair. The Big Wangs were flopping around and after four tries, couldn't get any penetration. Then the Machine turned themselves on and scored first. Not wanting to go down deflated, the Wangs came back to even the score. But then with Ty, Travis and Shayne's expert ball handling, the green team shocked the Wangs and got two more in the pink. At halftime, the Green Machines were leading 19-6.
The second half opened with Shayne hitting the right spot to receive Ty's discharge to put the In Between Green Machine ahead by 20. And yet, the Big Wangs weren't sputtering with spasms and soon mustered up enough to stick it to the Machine with an explosive run and catch by Gan. But, as soon as it felt tight, the Machine was at it again – scoring after a long, long, long run by Al. The Wangs couldn't get it up and the Machines were revving and scored again before time expired. The final: MACHINE BEATS THE BIG WANGS, 39-12. (Click the photo to enlarge.)

Meanwhile, on the sidelines: Danny and David enjoyed a chat while Andrew sunned himself. Scott was caught rubbing down a friend. Mark struck a pose and Roger and Brian enjoyed a delicious fruity, bubbly beverage. (Click the photo to enlarge.)

Game 2: The maroon swooners from the Baker + Butcher were coming off a squeaky-close loss from week 1, and the blue boys from Bacchus sought to sustain their week 1 success. Off the bat, it became clear that for the B2 Bombshells, Clay's size was going to be a factor! With great hands and jackrabbit speed, he banged it in – giving the BBB2Bs the lead over the BBoBs. Not to be outdone, Bacchus Brother Michael finessed the next play to the 10 and he knew that when you get down in this area, you just gotta start pounding. And he scored, evening it up at 6. During the next series, like a North Korean missile that was supposed to scare everybody, the Bombshells exploded less than a minute after launching their attack. The Bandmates fought back and Jake found a hole and slid through it putting the men in blue up 12-6 at the half.
The second half opened with a drive by the Brothers with QB Michael searching for his tight end. He wound up taking care of things himself with run from the 20. Things looked good for the BoBs at 18-6. The Baker + Butchers finessed the next two scores and somehow, the four-way combo (Chris, Jon, Wayne and Nikko) found themselves topping the BBoBs, 20-18. Their dominance, however, was short-lived as Chane got some penetration in the backfield and evaded some reach-arounds and scored, and the lead flipped back to the Band of Brothers, 24-20. The final minutes of the game saw some tension and release, but after all was said and done, the Bombshells couldn't get it up again. The final: BROTHERS DISARM BOMBSHELLS, 24-20. (Click the photo to enlarge.)