ASK BACCHUS: Kissing That Guy…

A Bacchus customer writes in to give us a back story and ask a question about kissing and drinking.

Hello, I am hoping you can settle an argument between me and my friend/roommate, "Kai." We both gave up drinking booze for Lent (thank GOD it's almost over). Well, anyway, he came home last Friday night (he was at Bacchus in a harness) and he smelled like liquor. I couldn't tell you what kind of liquor, but it seemed like he had been drinking. It was late, like 2:30 in the morning, and he was tired, and he was moving a little slow, but he wasn't stumbling.
I called him out– told him that he was busted! He broke our Lent pact and smelled like someone poured a bottle of whiskey on him. He shouted back, 'Nobody spilled anything on me and I haven't had anything to drink!' After some more prying, while he was brushing his teeth, he told me that he did meet a cutie who was drinking Jack and Coke. Kai said he was making out with 'Jack-n-Coke' for a long time and that's why I probably smell booze on him. 

Can kissing someone who has been drinking alcohol get alcohol into your system?

Let me know what you know. Thanks, S.Y.

Thanks for your question S.Y., You can rest assure that your room mate might be telling the truth. In order for alcohol to get into your system, you need to ingest it, which means that you need to swallow it. So, when you're kissing somebody, normally you'd only be swallowing their saliva, not alcohol. So this means he shouldn't be smelling like booze, but…

If you do kiss somebody who has been drinking it's quite possible that you will end up smelling of alcohol, because of the close contact that you have with them.

Our advice would be to keep the peace; believe what your roommate told you! And invite him, his new friend, 'Jack' to come to Bacchus with you on Sunday to break your liquor fast and enjoy Easter Brunch at the Baskets & Bonnets party!

Or, if you don't believe him, the pact is broken! Just come to Bacchus today to enjoy (or watch others enjoy) Tap Tuesday! Delicious tap beers at an extremely affordable price.