Daytime With Brett

Brett opens Bacchus on Tuesdays. He's a smart Scorpio from Sacramento who pours the suds for all of you studs from 12 to 5. His favorite beer is Big Wave from Kona Brewing; he says that it's light and refreshing.

Tuesdays are his only opening shift and when he's not working at Bacchus during the day, Brett likes to hang out at the bar and enjoys a Bacardi Dragonberry Press (Bacardi Dragonberry with Sprite/Soda). In his spare time he enjoys shopping and Netflix. A recent favorite is Sicario starring Emily Blunt and Josh Brolin.

Brett enjoys the music of many divas, but Britney Spears has been a favorite of his since her pop career took off with "Baby, One More Time" back in January, 1999. 

When asked, "What inspires you?" Brett let us know when he works he's thrilled and inspired by making the Bacchus customers truly enjoy themselves. And, when at home, he enjoys acrylic painting and drawing.

Our Tap Tuesday prices are $2 for a pint all day and all night. But come by today and meet Brett. You'll be glad you did.