BOOZE & FUN: Daytime with Bryant

Happy Easter! Today is the Baskets and Bonnets party. For more info, see our events page. 

Bryant works evening shifts on weekdays and weekends and he's the daytime bartender at Bacchus on Sundays. His engaging personality will impress you right off the bat. His well-crafted drinks will only impress you further. Bartending is what he's passionate about.

"Every shift is a unique experience; you never know what it will have in store. The goal is to make the customers' drinking experience happy, safe and, sometimes, educational."

His favorite cocktails to make include:
1. The Classic Mai Tai: he says that the presentation makes everyone happy.
2. White Gummy Bears: he says that he loves the surprised reaction when customers taste the drink (it's that GOOD!).

"It's so rewarding when you hear from a customer, 'You're one of my favorite bartenders.'"

His favorite cocktails to drink are:
1. Ketel Filthy Martini
2. Pinot Noir (with dinner)
3. Ketel Cape Cod
4. A cold draft beer (when just hanging out)
5. Drinks that other bartenders are passionate about making

When he's not bartending, he loves to workout, dine out, hike, hang with friends and spend time with his 10-year old nephew.

Come meet Bryant at Bacchus on Sunday afternoons when he hosts our make-your-own bloody mary bar. You'll be glad you did.